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Defensive Driving Program

Defensive Driving ProgramSears Driving School offers a defensive driving program with professional instructors and curriculums licensed and approved by the Texas Education Agency.

"Who is in Control?" (WIIC) is a one-day, 6-hour program with a 45-minute lunch break and two shorter breaks.

You may take the course once a year to dismiss a traffic ticket. You must receive permission from the court of jurisdiction where you received the ticket prior to attending. The cost for WIIC for ticket dismissal is $30.00. For traffic ticket dismissal, you will be mailed a 2-part certificate. The first part is for your court to dismiss the ticket and is labeled "COURT COPY". The second part is marked "INSURANCE COPY" and may be provided to your insurance company for a discount or kept for your personal records. You should receive the certificate within 1-2 weeks of class completion.

You may also take WIIC once every 3 years to receive a 10% discount on your auto insurance. We recommend you check with your insurance company to see if the discount applies to your policy. If you are taking the course for the insurance discount only, the cost for the course is $25.00 and the certificate is issued at the end of class.

You must make a reservation to hold your place in a class. You may make your reservation online or by phone. Our customer service staff is happy to assist you with your reservation and any additional questions you may have.

The tuition is payable by cash, check, SEARS, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Payment is accepted at the time of class. Prices are subject to change.