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Exceeding Your Expectations

Driver Education
  • The name you can trust
  • We keep the learning process convenient and simple
  • Learn with professional and experienced instructors
  • Learn in new and well-maintained vehicles
  • Our schools, courses, and instructors are fully licensed by the state of Texas
  • Dedicated to creating safe drivers by providing a quality education and experience

Our Programs

Teenage Driver Education Adult Driver Education Defensive Driving

Teenage Driver Education
Offering required programs for teenagers between the ages of 14½ and 18. We have 15 convenient classroom locations in the DFW Metroplex and Greater Houston Area, many inside Sears stores.

Adult Driver Education
Offering the required 6-hour class for adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who want to obtain a driving permit (also available to adults over age 24.) Also offering private in-car lessons with pick-up service for adults age 18 and older. Classes and in-car lessons available in the DFW Metroplex and Greater Houston Area.

Defensive Driving
Offering the 6-hour state-approved program "Who is in Control?" (WIIC). You may take the course once a year to dismiss a traffic ticket and once every 3 years for a 10% auto insurance discount with most insurance companies. Courses available in the DFW Metroplex and Greater Houston Area.